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Posted by Meetinghouse on 9/26/18 2:00 PM

Bring the team together and celebrate your organization's achievements big and small! Engage all the senses and create an immersive experience that attendees will always remember and will show them just how much they are valued and appreciated. Bring the fun and excitement of football tailgating and the big game to your next event with some of these fun ideas!

Farm tables and sports themed corporate event with bench seating

Elevate the Entrance

Make the entrance something they will never forget, but this is true for any event. Not only does it build excitement, but it also allows attendees to put a conceptual framework on what is to come. From inflatable arches to customized creations the options are limitless. Branded with your organization's or company's colors and outfitted with messaging to reinforce your brand, this essential element will set the tone for your event.

Mix up the SeatingStadium Bleachers Inside Ballroom for Football theme event
BYOS – Bring your own seat! Engage guest before the event even starts by having them bring their own fold-up chair to the event! Just make sure to have extras on hand for anyone who may have forgotten. Another option is to hand out custom branded chairs to guest as they walk in that they can take home once the event is over.

Conversational Nooks
Utilize intimate nooks to create some inviting conversational areas where guests can casually gather. Consider using bleachers, distressed leather furniture, or Adirondacks chairs depending on the style and feel you are trying to convey.

Interactive Activities
From bags games that are customized with your company logo to a giant version of Connect Four, Jenga, or just a couple of footballs to toss, it is essential to include ways for guests to interact. Bring in the Foosball or Ping-Pong tables, or even some horseshoes for a nostalgic feel. Alternatively, team up with local artists and vendors to give an authentic game day vibe to the space. The options are endless!

Brick wall sports bar setting for corporate eventInteractive Food
Starting with roaming food vendors giving out hot dogs, and other concessions, there is lots of room to get creative on the culinary end. Don’t forget to have a popcorn machine or two. Not only is this a convenient self-service snack station, but it can also fill the room with that freshly popped popcorn smell! Add in a live chef action station where they are grilling up some onions, and you are on your way to creating an immersive environment.

Locker room setting for sports themed corporate eventEnhance the space
Enhance the space with additional effects such as brick walls, festoon lighting, gym lockers, and other items arranged to create that perfectly Instagram-able photo setting! 

In the end, it’s all about creating an experience and getting your message across. Bringing in the right partners to help with design and execution is critical to ensure the success of your event and to deliver a winning experience.

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