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Fall Centerpieces Ideas

Posted by Meetinghouse on 9/13/18 1:50 PM

Floral and food: ephemeral, wonderful to look at, and lovely to smell. Engage more than just sight by introducing fresh produce into floral arrangements this fall season.  2

Underside of Queen Anne's lace (botanical name Daucus carota) on overcast summer day, northern Illinois

Root vegetables like carrots and parsnips offer a distinctive texture in contrast to the softness of fresh flowers. Be sure to keep the foliage attached and work the bundles into the center of the design for an unexpected focal. Gather overflowing knobby gourds and pumpkins in antiqued vessels or simply place them on the table as a low maintenance accent. Ornamental kale, grasses, and squash can all bring the look of the harvest into the designs! 

Deep hued fruits like berries, pomegranates, and plums add the perfect finishing touch to those moody fall color palettes. Work stemmed berries and grapes in shades 
of crimson and bordeaux into the floral centerpiece while cutting fresh pomegranates to lay on the table. Finish off the table with naturally dyed ribbons and linens for subtle color and texture. Scent recalls memory stronger than any other sense. Accent tropical leaves like monstera and arica palm with fresh cut citrus and ensure guests keep a lasting impression of the festivities. The crisp scent of lemons, limes, and tangerines will transport guests to the lush tropics, as well as bring a pop of color to the tables! 

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