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Incorporating a philanthropic aspect at your next event

Posted by Meetinghouse on 10/16/18 2:07 PM

It can be challenging to create an event experience that encourages your guests to slow down, be mindful and make a positive contribution to the world and community around them. That is why including a charity element into your events such as bike building, sandwich making, house building or any other charitable activity makes so much sense.
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The following tips will help you ensure your next event is socially responsible from the beginning. 

  •  First, focus on what your guests value, what the organization values and try to find where the two intersect.  What common goal can everybody, or almost everybody rally behind and feel good about?

  •  Make sure that your activity is creating a connective moment. The activity should challenge attendee’s perspective and inspire them to promote further change and create a sense of purpose. 

  • When choosing a location, think about the impact it would make to hold the event at a partnering offsite facility where your guests can see firsthand how their participation is benefiting a common goal.
  • Food and beverage typically take up a large portion of the event budget. By partnering with a caterer that shares your same values, you can ensure that the time and money invested is being dedicated to a socially responsible cause. Many catering companies benefit local communities by investing in food service training for men and women from low-income areas, supporting local farmers, and even donating leftover food to shelters for less waste.

  • If you are providing fresh floral decor, find a floral company that receives product by environmentally and socially sustainable means. Many floral companies also take the floral product at the end of the night and repurpose the pieces into bouquets and arrangements to bring to local retirement and nursing centers.

  • If any of your vendors have a strong social responsibility ethos, make sure to call that out so your guests can see how one moment can impact many different areas of the local community. 

  • After the event is over, make sure to bring the process full circle by inviting members of the community and organizations your event benefited to share their story.  Make sure your guests know their actions directly helped another person in a positive way.

Heart Give-131733-editedWhether your event is a small, intimate gathering or a large gala, using these guidelines, you are well on your way to creating an activity that creates a meaningful experience for both your guests and the community.

Cut straight to the heart. Be profound! Be creative! Be purposeful!

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