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Halloween: Time to let your gruesome heart run wild

Posted by Meetinghouse on 10/1/18 1:47 PM

HALLOWEEN - the tail end of the Fall season, and the perfect opportunity to throw tradition out the window and create a truly unique event for guests to unwind and have fun. We have put together a few of our favorite themes appropriate for an All Hallows' Eve soiree. Let your gruesome heart run wild!

Zombies in scene with body parts and fog for Halloween event production chicago

UNDEAD APOCALYPSEFirebreather  Outdoor EventNothing is hotter with the living than the undead. Invite guests to a post-apocalyptic escape room (located all across the Chicagoland area) where they can work in small teams to survive nuclear winter and escape zombie attacks. After the escape, host a cocktail party to unwind with themed "finger foods," festive cocktails, and event decor as a zombie flash mob surprises guests with an impromptu performance!

TEN-IN-ONE Side Show
Let your guests unwind with an experiential event evoking old-timey sideshow performances in a carnival environment. Rental decor can create a dramatic entrance complete with overlapping fabric and giant lighted marquee letters. Once inside, guests will be dazzled with live sideshow entertainment like fire breathers, sword swallows, jugglers, baton twirlers, acrobatics, and magicians. Utilize scents like nag champa subtly throughout the space for a truly immersive experience. Encourage guests to volunteer during the performances and become a part of the overall entertainment. Eat, drink, and be festive!

Tombstones scary image with blue lighting and cobwebsCABINET OF CURIOSITIES
Create a cabinet of curiosities curated by our favorite "mysterious and spooky" family - The Addams Family. Encourage guests to clip roses from Morticia's rose garden, or compete in dare-devil inspired stunts with Gomez. Visit Wednesday's "Fear Station" where guests write their fears on a sheet of paper and then choose which way they are destroyed in elaborate Rube-Goldberg style. Gothic imagery abounds with dripping candlelight, wrought iron entryways, and velvet lounges. For the main event, a colorful electric light show presented by none other than the illuminative Uncle Fester. Encourage guests to wear their darkest and most festive attire, and don't be afraid to push the boundaries with more macabre elements like displayed doll's parts, coffins, and cobwebs.

Spell book with candles and dried flowers
Put a spell on your guests and break into 90's nostalgia by hosting an event reminiscent of the millennial movie favorite Hocus Pocus! Let 17th-century colonial facade provide the backdrop for iconic witch imagery like black cats and suspended broomsticks as statement focal pieces. Evoke the curse of the black flame candle with candle making stations and essential oil mixture for your guests to take home. Gaze into the past, present, and future with tarot card and palm readers. As the spell is cast, dance the night away! 
These are just a few of our fabulous Halloween ideas, with our warehouse full of rental event decor and our talented production team we can transform any event space. Learn More  

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