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Teambuilding & Tailgating

Posted by Meetinghouse on 9/26/18 2:00 PM

Bring the team together and celebrate your organization's achievements big and small! Engage all the senses and create an immersive experience that attendees will always remember and will show them just how much they are valued and appreciated. Bring the fun and excitement of football tailgating and the big game to your next event with some of these fun ideas!

Farm tables and sports themed corporate event with bench seating

Elevate the Entrance

Make the entrance something they will never forget, but this is true for any event. Not only does it build excitement, but it also allows attendees to put a conceptual framework on what is to come. From inflatable arches to customized creations the options are limitless. Branded with your organization's or company's colors and outfitted with messaging to reinforce your brand, this essential element will set the tone for your event.

Mix up the SeatingStadium Bleachers Inside Ballroom for Football theme event
BYOS – Bring your own seat! Engage guest before the event even starts by having them bring their own fold-up chair to the event! Just make sure to have extras on hand for anyone who may have forgotten. Another option is to hand out custom branded chairs to guest as they walk in that they can take home once the event is over.

Conversational Nooks
Utilize intimate nooks to create some inviting conversational areas where guests can casually gather. Consider using bleachers, distressed leather furniture, or Adirondacks chairs depending on the style and feel you are trying to convey.

Interactive Activities
From bags games that are customized with your company logo to a giant version of Connect Four, Jenga, or just a couple of footballs to toss, it is essential to include ways for guests to interact. Bring in the Foosball or Ping-Pong tables, or even some horseshoes for a nostalgic feel. Alternatively, team up with local artists and vendors to give an authentic game day vibe to the space. The options are endless!

Brick wall sports bar setting for corporate eventInteractive Food
Starting with roaming food vendors giving out hot dogs, and other concessions, there is lots of room to get creative on the culinary end. Don’t forget to have a popcorn machine or two. Not only is this a convenient self-service snack station, but it can also fill the room with that freshly popped popcorn smell! Add in a live chef action station where they are grilling up some onions, and you are on your way to creating an immersive environment.

Locker room setting for sports themed corporate eventEnhance the space
Enhance the space with additional effects such as brick walls, festoon lighting, gym lockers, and other items arranged to create that perfectly Instagram-able photo setting! 

In the end, it’s all about creating an experience and getting your message across. Bringing in the right partners to help with design and execution is critical to ensure the success of your event and to deliver a winning experience.

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Fall Centerpieces Ideas

Posted by Meetinghouse on 9/13/18 1:50 PM

Floral and food: ephemeral, wonderful to look at, and lovely to smell. Engage more than just sight by introducing fresh produce into floral arrangements this fall season.  2

Underside of Queen Anne's lace (botanical name Daucus carota) on overcast summer day, northern Illinois

Root vegetables like carrots and parsnips offer a distinctive texture in contrast to the softness of fresh flowers. Be sure to keep the foliage attached and work the bundles into the center of the design for an unexpected focal. Gather overflowing knobby gourds and pumpkins in antiqued vessels or simply place them on the table as a low maintenance accent. Ornamental kale, grasses, and squash can all bring the look of the harvest into the designs! 

Deep hued fruits like berries, pomegranates, and plums add the perfect finishing touch to those moody fall color palettes. Work stemmed berries and grapes in shades 
of crimson and bordeaux into the floral centerpiece while cutting fresh pomegranates to lay on the table. Finish off the table with naturally dyed ribbons and linens for subtle color and texture. Scent recalls memory stronger than any other sense. Accent tropical leaves like monstera and arica palm with fresh cut citrus and ensure guests keep a lasting impression of the festivities. The crisp scent of lemons, limes, and tangerines will transport guests to the lush tropics, as well as bring a pop of color to the tables! 

Meetinghouse Floral Designs

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Elevated Buffet Stations

Posted by Meetinghouse on 9/13/18 11:10 AM

Elevate your buffets and food stations this Autumby re-purposing unique décor pieces and transforming any display into something the whole family will enjoy.  

Offer guests a beverage from your barrel top bar station. Inherently rustic and versatile, re-purposed wooden barrels are our favorite way to display classic Fall drinks. Lay a gingham runner under an urn of hot apple cider and arrange mugs within jars of jam and honey. We love rolling napkins with a garnish of cinnamon stick as a simple way to bring in the warm scents and textures of Fall that we love.  

CMT 8-19-2017_General Use_23909

Create the perfect dessert station by utilizing a vintage wagon and draping a plaid fleece blanket inside of it to create the warm and rustic feeling. Display your guests’ favorite pies and jams here, serve on gold plates and platters, and embellish the inside of the wagon with seasonal flowers like dahlias, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers for additional fall color and texture. Finish up the display by adding old fashioned milk jugs, bushels of apples, and hay bales to the base of the wagon. Grandma’s classic apple pie is sure to stand out in this Instagram worthy setting. 

Of-course along with food service comes seating and dining and we love carrying over unique elements into that aspect as well. Tree stumps can be an excellent alternative for outdoor seating. Simply drape a soft linen over top or an outdoor patio cushion and you now have a comfortable spot to enjoy your cider and pie!  


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Fall Color Story

Posted by Meetinghouse on 9/10/18 4:07 PM

Even though the warm summer air is making its exit and the cool harvest breeze is coming, that doesn’t mean that we have to put away all the fun bright colors that we love! (We need to make it through Winter SOMEHOW!) The experts over at Pantone, reinforced by designers in New York and all over the world, have established the colors for Fall and we are so excited to be seeing such bright and vivid colors to perfectly compliment a modern fall palette. 


Pantone has set the Color of the Year as the cosmic “Ultra Violet”. Alone, it is already a staunch color to add to any setting representing intrigue and mystery and is a far cry from the playful “Greenery” or soothing “Rose Quartz and Serenity” of years past. However, even greater interest can be attained by pulling in complimentary colors from the fall 2018 color palette. 

One of the simplest and most economical ways to bring a pop of seasonal color to an event setting is with linens such as tablecloths or napkins. Imagine dressing all your guest tables in a classic Autumn hue like Pantone’s “Red Pear” and then accenting with napkins in warm and vibrant “Valiant Poppy” to really draw the eye to the setting. Accent with steel grey flatware and cool blue glassware to ground the table and allow the pops of color to really shine! OrangeHarvestRose

Floral is another great way to incorporate new and interesting colors into the coming season. Take those same deep hued linens and add drama with a lush and styled floral centerpiece. Use a reflective gold vessel to hold luscious greens with pops of “Russet Orange” roses. Introduce coordinating shades of dahlias, zinnias, and other seasonal floral, add a few tea light candles around it and voila! You have a beautiful table that mimics the warm hues of an Autumn sunset! 

Check out the other seasonal inspired color palettes Pantone has put together for more color inspiration! 


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