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Autumn Evening Picnics

Posted by Meetinghouse on 9/10/18 3:40 PM

Pumpkin Spice

The days get shorter while the shadows get longer, and pumpkin and cinnamon spice hang in the air at every coffee shop (...bakery, office, and bus stop for that matter). It can only mean one thing: Autumn is finally upon us! As one of our favorite times of year, the inspiration is bountiful and ubiquitous.  

AdobeStock_178410950Play upon the natural aesthetic of the season and create an outdoor autumnal lounge area by utilizing organic textures. Tree stumps can provide natural seating for guests covered simply with a flannel or knit blanket. Alternatively, use those same flannels or colorful woven sarapes as runners down rustic farm tables or picnic tables. Richly hued floor pillows embellished with maple and elm leaves evoke a freshly fallen forest when layered upon antiqued rugs. If you favor more conventional seating options, use the tree stumps as end tables and embellish with some candles for warm light. Soften traditional sofas and chairs with a luxuriously knit blanket or faux fur and give guests a reason to gather in closer.  

If the weather is inclement, and festivities are forced to be held inside, mimic the Autumn evening light by stringing amber hued café lights through-out the space for an intimate ambience. Flickering candlelight can extend the shadows even more across the space as guests dance about. Chandeliers, patterned light washes, and up-lighting are other great options to light a space and provide that seasonal warmth and texture. 

Don’t forget about COLOR! Rich orange, fire-red, deep maroon, and burnt umber are all reminiscent of the season. Bring bright and bold hues inside by utilizing lush and dramatic seasonal foliage and fresh florals like dahlias, celosia, ruffled garden roses, chrysanthemums, and croton plants.  

Autumn is a celebration! Celebrating the harvest, the season, and all-around togetherness – MORE is MORE! You can’t go wrong. 

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