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Urban Harvest

Posted by Meetinghouse on 9/13/18 10:47 AM

There is nothing we love more than an unconventional contrast of elements, like a metropolis in the Fall. It seems that Mother Nature herself is attempting to blanket the manufactured aesthetic of the city in all her lush color and texture. This annual battle inspires us to achieve the same delicate balance in all of our event compositions. 

Let your venue work WITH you by choosing a space that already exhibits modern and industrial elements like exposed brickwork, weathered iron, and cement to build the look on. Urban grunge Detail of whitewashed exterior brick wall, with filtered effects, for texture and background (seventh in a series of eleven)

Nothing says (or screams) metropolis like the ubiquitous graffiti art. Create a striking visual branding opportunity worthy for Instagram by bringing a vibrant graffiti wall as a focal entrance piece. Let guests be the artists by providing additional paint and markers a la Jackson Pollock to add their own unique touch to the piece. Bring the pop art element through the event and to the tables by utilizing cement containers with spray painted designs and bold monochromatic floral elements. Keep the overall color scheme neutral so the colors stand out! 

Elevate the common buffet by arranging fall food favorites like late night urban street vendors. And who doesn’t love mini pies?! Absolutely no one. Guests will line up for hours. 

 Give a neighborhood staple new use by utilizing cyclone fencing it as open-air room dividers to break up the space and add additional interest. Balance the look by adding an accent of natural texture by way of rich and dramatic foliage. Smilax, olive, and bayleaf are wonderful choices as the latter also fill the room with subtle scent as well as a crisp texture. 
Graffiti on a wall in Baltimore, Maryland.

The key to this look is b
alancing the old with the new, nature with industry, and the familiar with the unexpected to bring harmony to such a striking visual contrast. 

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